Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cookie Butter

First of all, wow. I'm exhausted. 
School has been kicking my butt lately and I'm sad I haven't been able to post anything, but I'm loving life in Chapel Hill.
I live in a room with 3 of my best friends (yes, one room, four girls...#sororityhouseproblems?) and lately, we have a new phrase that's said atleast once a day:
"You know what would be good on this? Cookie Butter..."
Yeah, that's not a typo, Cookie Butter is a real thing. Okay, it's not so much a thing as it is a life changing experience that begs me to ask the question "Where have you been all my life?!"
Every time one of us says it there's always that look of excitement in our eyes over this novel idea that really isn't so novel considering how often it's repeated.  Then we stare at each other for a second smiling and sprint to grab the jar.  I guess it's the little things in life?
I don't really know how to describe it because I agree, it sounds weird. Basically it's like a peanut butter in consistency, with tiny crunchy crumbs of cookie, and this comforting, gingerbready, yummy taste? That was bad. Clearly I'm not a creative writing major. 
Here's the description Trader Joe's gave to it: "A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits."
It started with just eating it off a spoon, then putting it on an apple or banana, then pretzels, or a cupcake, or a crepe. Next up, mixed into oatmeal? Smoothies? Melted and drizzled on ice cream? Swirled into brownies? You could probably even put it on celery.  I honestly think it would make anything taste better.
One of my roommates, who doesn't like peanut butter (red flag!), took a while to warm up to the idea and kept insisting she wouldn't like it. Well guess what? We finally got her to try it and got so much satisfaction out of saying "I told you so".
You'll just have to take my word for it, grab a spoon, drive to Trader Joe's, twist open the jar, take off the seal, get a giant spoonful and prepare yourself for one of the greatest inventions in the history of foodies. 
And for all you non-believers and skeptics out there, I can't wait to tell you, I told you so

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