Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Things to Come

It's LDOC. 
I've never heard any of my friends from other schools refer to "LDOC", but it just stands for the Last Day of Class. Real creative.
Meaning that finals start Friday and I already want to cry. 
Anatomy. Biopsych. Physics. Chlid Development. Physiology.
Why am I a science major again?! 
But, I have so so much to look forward to once they're over, and really cannot complain about this next week of constant studying. 
In an attempt to keep me motivated, here's a list of the beyond amazing things I have coming up.

My Birthday
Even though I wish my friends from school could be there to celebrate with me, I can't wait to spend it with my family and high school friends who will be home for winter break!

 Photo: Tumblr

I may not have been a fan of Santa when I was a baby, but times have changed, and I look forward to the traditions of Christmas just about every single day. Really.
Yes, that's me on the left. I had issues.

For our Christmas present this year, we're going skiing in Whistler! We used to go here almost every spring break when I was younger, and I always took it for granted. Once I got over the fact that my friends would come back perfectly bronzed from their beach vacations while I had super attractive goggle tans, it quickly became one of my favorite places on Earth. I absolutely love it. I have so many great memories at this place and I'm so lucky to get to make more. We'll spend a night in Seattle (also one of my favorite cities), a night in Vancouver, then Whistler for a few days of skiing and New Years. To say I'm excited for this trip would be the understatement of the century.
 Photo: Whistler
 Photo: Skifest

 Still can't believe this is happening. I cannot wait to make this place my home, know the streets like the back of my hand, and explore the rest of Italy and Europe! Oh, and eat gelato, pizza and pasta daily. Sorry skinny jeans.
I got this picture from Liz over at Explore, Dream, Discover . Seriously jealous of her travels, photography skills, and life in general!


  1. I am SOO excited for you Kelsey! Good luck on have got some great stuff coming.

  2. so excited for you! florence is amazing! i studied abroad there 6 years ago!

  3. Your winter holiday plans in Whistler sound fantastic! And studying in Florence is going to be a wonderful adventure! You must be so excited :)