Sunday, February 17, 2013

Giardino di Boboli

I think I've found a new favorite place in Florence.
As much as I love the city, there are absolutely no trees or greenery unless you step outside the main city center. Caroline and I had been meaning to check out the Boboli Gardens, and finally got the chance today! It was a beautiful day to explore and fall in love with the expansive, lush gardens.
It's filled with small ponds, perfectly trimmed hedges, intricate fountains, statues covered with moss and ivy, narrow walkways lined with trees and bushes, and exceptional views of the city and countryside.
We didn't even see the whole thing, but luckily, we bought a museum pass at the beginning of the semester, so entry is free!
I'll definitely be spending many afternoons here during the next few months, and it's sure to only get prettier in the spring!

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  1. what?! i can't believe i never went there !! so beautiful!!