Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lake Como

For my study abroad program, I got to pick two weekend trips with the school to go on throughout the semester, and this past weekend, I went on my first one to Lake Como and St. Moritz, Switzerland! Although the trip was short (only one night!) we packed in as much as possible and I absolutely loved it. First stop: Lake Como.
I figured if George Clooney had a house there, it must be a beautiful place, and Mr. Clooney is definitely not mistaken. It was absolutely breathtaking
We first stopped in the small, lakeside town of Como and strolled down the narrow streets for about two hours, then took a drive to a stop further down the lake so that we could take a ferry to Bellagio, the most famous town along the lake, with perfect views and fancy restaurants with outdoor seating right along the water. I've taken some pretty scenic drives in my life - down Highway 1, through Yosemite valley, the Sea to Sky Highway linking Vancouver to Whistler, Glacier National Park and train rides through Tuscany - but the views here and the drive along the lake came pretty close to topping them. 
Seeing the gorgeous, vast lake surrounded by tall, lush mountains dotted with those idyllic Italian villas just made me happy. Not to mention it was sunny that day, and warm enough that I didn't have to wear my coat! I think that's my favorite scenery - where green mountains meet crystal clear water.
Needless to say, if I ever have the money, I wouldn't mind having a vacation villa here...
Thanks to my friend Alex for letting me steal this last one from her! :)

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