Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Carrboro Farmer's Market

Every time my parents visit Chapel Hill, we make sure to go to the Carrboro Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. We always get cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery and the best chocolate chip banana bread from Sari Sari Sweets. It's so moist that it sticks to your fingers when you tear it off, because no, we can't wait to get home and cut it up ourselves. There's great produce, homemade lemonade with fresh mint and ginger, fresh pasta, nut butters, ceramic mugs and if nothing else, it's just fun to walk around! 
As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I've never gone without them. As in, I live right down the street and never go. Thanks to my quarter-life, I'm-about-to-graduate-and-leave-Chapel-Hill-crisis, a couple friends and I decided to take advantage of it last weekend. It was perfect morning and we had so much fun walking around, sampling food, and taking lots of pictures. If you're ever in Chapel Hill for a weekend, this is a must!

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