Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chicago Part 2 - Lillie's Q

The second day in Chicago, we got a quick breakfast then headed straight to the Shedd Aquarium.
I've been before, but it's been a long time since then, and I forgot how seriously awesome that place is. We saw everything from alligators to penguins to jellyfish to beluga whales (which were so cute and looked like they were smiling) to seahorses.
Definitely a must see if you visit!
We spent so much time there that we were all starving when we left, so we went to a place my mom had read about called Lillie's Q.
I had really been craving some good southern food since I left school, and this definitely hit the spot.
It's located in Wicker Park, which a really neat part of town full of more casual but still delicious restaurants and unique shops. 
I'm not a true southerner, so I can't attest to how accurate the barbeque was, but it definitely passed my test. Everything fit the barbeque theme: Mason jars, dishrag napkins, trays lined with parchment paper that were used instead of plates, and wooden tables. At the end of each table, they had a lineup of 6 different types of sauce so you could choose what type to put on your meat. Also, they offered any sandwich "southern style" which meant it came with a heaping of coleslaw on top. Yummm!
The portions were huge but I definitely got my fill and would absolutely recommend this place!

From top: The 6 sauces; a super buttery but yummy bun; fried pickles and hushpuppies; my mom, sister and I all split our sandwiches so we could try 3 different types of meat, plus sweet potato fries and regular!
All pictures were taken by me and my wonderful iphone... I really need to save up for an actual camera.

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  1. Drooling! Definitely will have to find this place next time I visit Chicago!