Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lou Mitchell's

The last morning in Chicago we went to Lou Mitchell's, a breakfast legend that has been around for 85 years.
Not only were their omlettes, the biggest, fluffiest omlettes I've ever seen (not to mention delicious), they give a couple free treats to all customers. When you walk in, you get a powdered doughnut hole out of a giant basket. Then, they give each girl a box of milk duds. Everyone gets a bowl with an orange slice and a prune when they sit down, and at the end of the meal, ice cream is complimentary. (That is, if you still have room!)
Fun fact, Lou Mitchell's is actually the starting point for Route 66! Definitely worth checking out next time you're in Chicago!

 From Top: The restaurant from the outside; Warm, fresh doughnuts; Homemade syrup; Asparagus omelet and hash browns.

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