Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cycling High

The first time I took an indoor cycling class, I went to the gym down the street from me with my sister and absolutely hated it. I swore I'd never come back. 
My legs hurt, I was out of breath, and checked the clock about 5 minutes in, only to realize I was stuck in this small, dark room with loud music, 9 other cyclists and an instructor that was telling me to do things I most definitely did not want to do for another 55 minutes. 
And I did stay away for a while, but eventually decided to give it another shot.
Even though it was still hard, the sweat never ceased dripping off my face, and I never really caught my breath until the class was over, it was better. Not great, but better.
I never went very frequently, but would occasionally go when I wasn't in season for a sport.

Then, I came to college, and decided to make my LFIT (essentially a required gym credit) worth while, and signed my semester away to two, 50 minute indoor cycling classes every week.
I fell in love with it.
I suddenly became that annoying person talking about a runners high, but from cycling.
I was able to release all the stress from school and feel good about myself when I left. 
It was a time set aside for me, not my to-do list. 
Long story short, I decided to get certified to teach, and now teach classes twice a week at my school gym! Though teaching is a different experience than taking the class, I like being able to provide people the same feeling I got the first time I really appreciated a good workout indoors on a stationary bike. I occasionally have people ask me about the music I use so I thought I'd post one of my playlists! Hopefully it'll encourage you to go get a good workout in, whether it's cycling, running, lifting weights, whatever! 
I promise you won't regret it.

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