Monday, February 11, 2013

Cinque Terre

This past Saturday, a couple of friends and I really wanted to go somewhere and hike, so we decided to take a day trip to Cinque Terre.
We woke up at 6 am to catch the train at 7 (almost missed it!) and made it to Riomaggiore, the first of the five towns, at 10. The main coastal trail was closed down because of erosion, but we were advised to take a different, more strenuous trail between the 2nd and 3rd towns, Manorola and Corniglia.
It ended up being the perfect hike with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, just the right amount of difficulty and lasted a little over 2 hours.
We even ran into this dog, Puck, along the way, who ended up being our "tour guide". He'd run ahead of us, then eventually turn around and make sure we were still following, before proceeding on the path. 

It ended up snowing early in the afternoon for about a half hour, but at the end of the day, it had cleared up and we saw the most beautiful pink sunset over the unbelievably blue water.
I can't wait to go back in May when my sister comes to visit!


  1. cinque terre was top 5 most beautiful and favorite places i've ever been.. seriously so amazing i want to go back!

    1. It was seriously SO incredible! Still can't believe it's real!

  2. My wife and I ran into Puck on the high trail into Riomagiore and had the same experience. He actually guided us to the trail head from the previous city. I was wondering if others had the same experience and here we are. Good to know Puck is doing his thing year round!