Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunny Days in Seville

Caroline and I got back from Seville late last night and I'm already missing the sunshine, palm trees, and laid back feel of the city (oh, and Maggie!)
 It completely exceeded my expectations. I instantly felt so comfortable and safe walking around, there were tons of people out enjoying the 60(!) degree weather by riding bikes, going for a run (there just happened to be a marathon on Sunday morning!), or enjoying a ride on the horse drawn carriages that are all over the city looking for tourists. Maggie was the best tour guide and it made me so excited to show her around Florence in a month! We walked and walked, saw as much of the city as we could, checked items off Maggie's to-do list as well as our own, and were all completely exhausted by the end.
I've seen Seville, Madrid and Barcelona and all I can say is: 
Spain, you have yet to let me down!


  1. Love your pictures! So happy to see all three of yall together!

  2. DYING! This is so completely fabulous. Happy you all are together :) Wishing I was there, but so glad you had a blast. Love y'all!

  3. This makes me SO happy! So glad you all got to see one another! Missing you all! XOXO