Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alcazar of Seville

On Sunday, Maggie took us to see the Alcazar, which was a concentrated version of everything I loved about Seville: 
Colorful tiles, lush landscapes, palm trees and orange trees galore, ponds, fountains, attention to detail and Spanish flare.
Though we didn't see any, apparently there are peacocks wandering the grounds!
 I could've easily spent hours walking around the gardens in the back - they felt like some kind of paradise. Even though they were so different from Giardino di Boboli, they were still just as impressive. 
Maggie said she initially had no idea it was here because there are walls all around it, and it's so true! This place is completely hidden from the rest of the city, and the second you step foot inside, you feel like you've been transported somewhere else. 
Promise me that if you visit Seville, you'll set aside at least an hour to wander around this magical place!
 Apparently this is a bath built for the royalty that lived in the palace, but it looks like the Chamber of Secrets to me...


  1. i'm so so glad i'm going to seville again because i can't beleiv ei didn't go to the alcazar!

  2. Well now I know I absolutely haaaaave to make it to Spain!