Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weeks 2-4

First and foremost, Happy Valentines Day!
I'm so lucky to have such a great family and a strong group of friends in my life, and though I'm not with them today, I send them love from across the pond!
Secondly, today marks the 4-week point in my time here in Florence! It's weird to think that if I had done the summer program, I would be packing my bags after this short amount of time, getting ready to head home. Obviously I miss home, but I'm incredibly thankful and excited to have another three months in this amazing city, followed by a month of Euro-tripping with my sister!
 I'm still Instagramming one picture a day, though some days I have too many options, and others I have none (hence two from Cinque Terre even though I was only there for a day...oops!)
Here's a quick recap of the last few weeks:
Free, unlimited wine at Dante's // Cooking experiment: stuffed eggplant
Venice // Skyping my mom and kitty! 
Pretty capuccino at News Cafe // First Pairing Food & Wine class
View from one of my classes // School reception at a palace
Pear, apple, ginger & lemon juice // Chocolate festival
Hiking in Cinque Terre // Sunset in Riomaggiore
Gave in and bought PB (less than 3 Euros!) // Throwback to last years UNC Duke game! We'll get 'em next time!

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  1. I love all of these pictures so much, Kels! 1. How is peanut butter cheap for you and so expensive for me??? NO FAIR. 2. Already asked my dad to bring cookie butter when he comes. 3. You already hiked Cinque Terra?? I NEED TO DO THAT. 4. You seriously look like you're having the time of your life, I'm loving this :)