Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Today is my sisters Birthday! Happy Birthdayyyyyy Courtney! 
I really wish I could be home to celebrate by starting our day at Northstar Cafe and finishing it with some Cupcake Wine, BUT I'd rather her be here to check out this view and dine on Gusta Pizza, tiramisu (and gelato) and some delicious Chianti wine. 
Luckily, in a few short months when my program ends, she's flying over to Florence where we'll start a month long travel extravaganza Plus, she has a fancy camera and may be nice enough to share some pictures from all the cities with me so I can post them on the blog ;)
In the meantime, check out her blog!
Here's the list of where we'll be traveling to:
Cinque Terre
Nice/French Rivera
 Whew! Two weeks of it will be with a travel company, so the hostels and transportation is already taken care of. Because we were the first two to sign up for the trip, we got 50% off, making it well worth doing it through a company rather than on our own! As for the rest of it, Courtney generously planned/booked all our hostels and any additional transportation we'll need! Eeeek! I really can't believe this is happening and that I've paid for pretty much all of it (except meals and activities). 
Needless to say, it's going to be a complete whirlwind of a trip, but there's no one else I'd rather travel with (except if my brother and parents could come, too!)
Let the countdown to May 16th begin!

p.s. my parents get here on SATURDAY!!!

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