Friday, March 1, 2013

Seville Eats

I can't go to another country and not talk about the delicious, local food I ate there.So, without further adieu, Seville Eats:

Churros con Chocolate!
The three of us decided to split an order of churros, and once we saw how much it came with, we were so glad we were sharing! It's really just fried dough that you dip in a warm chocolate sauce that's thicker than american hot chocolate but not quite chocolate fondue. Needless to say, we still finished them all. Oops!
Rellenos de Chocolate
I'm not exactly sure if that's the correct name, but that's what the sign said so we're going with it. Dare I say it?  I think I liked it better than the churros! It was very similar, but it was filled with a nutella like substance, served warm, and had some chocolate sprinkles on the end (which in my opinion, make everything better).
 Wild Mushroom Croquettes
This was one of my favorite tapas of the trip! They're slightly crunchy on the outside but perfectly soft and warm once you bite into them.
I love wine, but it was nice to get a glass of a sweeter, fruitier version. 
I mean, who doesn't like sangria?! 
The place we went even had a flamenco show that we could enjoy for free! It took a while to find it, but I was definitely glad we asked approximately 10 people for directions and finally came across this gem of a place!
Espinacas con Garbanzos!
This is a very traditional dish made up of cooked spinach and garbanzo beans, and probably some olive oil and garlic. Maggie's host mom makes it for her a lot, so I think it's very common to order as a tapa or side dish! I wasn't sure what kind of spices were in it, so I used the always trusty Google to find a recipe, and it says there's cumin! Who knows if that's what is typically used, but it was actually quite tasty! (even though it doesn't look too appetizing..).
Lentejas con Chorizo
AKA lentils with chorizo. I ate this while Caroline, Maggie and I sat outside at a restaurant right along the river, soaking up the sun and taking in the view. This dish was a hearty, perfect way to end our Spanish adventure! 

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