Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dublin, Ireland

Our third city of the trip was Dublin, Ireland! We got in early Wednesday morning, dropped our stuff at the hostel, and left to explore! In all honesty, Dublin was my least favorite of the cities based on looks. Other than the Temple Bar area, the touristy part of town, it looked like any city from the states (minus the skyscrapers). One minute you were walking along a busy street lined with pubs, the next, you were walking down a deserted alley. Aside from the look and feel of the place, we had a lot of fun wandering around, checking out the beautiful St. Stephen's Green, relaxing in the center of Trinity College, stopping by St. Patrick's Cathedral, and of course, visiting the Guinness factory. Even though I would gladly accept a glass of wine over a beer any day, it was really cool to take your time walking through the factory, learning about the process of making their beer, and realizing how much of an establishment it had become. 
Fun fact: Turns out Arthur Guinness signed a lease for the property for 9000 years!
 Once you reached the top, you could turn in your ticket for a complimentary pint of Guinness - definitely not something I'd ever choose to drink, but I was glad I tried it. 
Bottom line: If you like beer and pubs, Dublin is the city for you!

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