Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Act of Kindness

Before going to Dublin, I had been told that the people there were some of the nicest in Europe, maybe even the World. The people who had told me that could not have been more spot-on.
One of the nights in Dublin, the three of us decided to stop in a fancy grocery/specialty foods store to get some of their delicious-looking prepared food for dinner. 
I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but our spring break had also been a hunt for cookie butter. Maggie had seen some in London the last time she visited, so we thought we'd definitely find some there, but sadly, we didn't. It became a habit to always check in grocery stores for the life changing spread, but it was nearing the end of the trip and we were beginning to lose hope. Well, I decided to check as I was deciding what to order, and when I laid eyes on the jar of crunchy cookie butter, I think I actually screamed. The three of us were overjoyed to find it, but weren't sure if we really wanted to dish out the cash to pay for it as it was a little expensive and we only had one day left, so, would we really get our money's worth and finish it?
We decided to eat and think about it, then maybe buy it after. A few minutes after we sat down, a man and his daughter walked by our table. The man put a brown paper bag on our table and said "if it's the wrong flavor, you can trade it in" and walked away. We all looked at each other very confused while the daughter kept peaking back at us with a smile, so we looked inside. 
He had bought us the cookie butter.
We immediately had the biggest smiles on our faces and were speechless. It was quite possibly the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me, and we all agreed that at some point, we'd pay it forward! I wish he could've seen the excitement on our faces, and even more, I wish we could've thanked him, but I think he knew how happy we were. 
We decided to finish it before we left Dublin. We did everything from putting it in our plain yogurt in the morning to dipping pretzels in it, spreading it on apples, and simply licking it off a spoon, and though I'm not necessarily proud that we did it, I think I ate enough cookie butter in that last 36 hours to last me the next few months.


  1. I love this Kelsey! Random acts of kindness are the best.

  2. Have you ever had the Biscoff spread that is sold here?

  3. After this experience I've learned one important fact about myself, and that is that I literally can't get sick of cookie butter.