Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mind The Gap

Can someone please just offer me a job there? I love it so much.
Courtney and I were beyond excited to go to London because we have these little, weird obsessions with things like British accents, Harry Potter, Prince Harry, One Direction, the Mary Kate and Ashley movie Winning London,
McVities Digestives (preferably covered in dark chocolate) and dipped in English Breakfast tea, and tacky British reality TV shows like Made in Chelsea. Guilty pleasures.  
No shame.
 We had both been there before, so we had crossed off the major landmarks and were ready to get to know the city secrets. 
This was the one place where we did a good amount of shopping because, for one thing, we still had money, and for another, the markets in London will blow your mind. We also did a lot of eating. And tea drinking. And posing in telephone booths. And taking the Tube everywhere. And everything else good and British in the world.
Here's a quick overview of all the cliche but 100% necessary things we did in London.
(more detailed posts to come!)

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