Monday, March 18, 2013


My parents left bright and early this morning for the 6:45 am flight. Saying bye to them was a lot harder than I had expected! We really had the best time exploring Italy and I was so glad that they finally got to take the trip they had always wanted to.
We spent this past weekend in Rome and I absolutely loved it! We saw all the major sites, got spoiled in our hotel, ate some really great food, and walked endlessly across the city. There are definitely some similarities to Florence, but overall, it just had such a different feel.  
It was the city of contrasts. 
You have city life standing right next to ancient ruins, streets with crazy amounts of traffic parallel to those that are walking only. Though I'm so glad I'm in a smaller, more comfortable city that has practically zero traffic and everything within walking distance, part of me loved the idea of spending the whole semester in a place much bigger, just for the fact that I'd have so much more to explore.

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  1. Your parents are adorable! So glad you had such a great time with them! :)