Friday, January 24, 2014

Dar Poeta

Whenever Courtney and I get asked about the best thing we ate on our trip, our list is pretty lengthy, but one thing's for sure, the meal we had at Dar Poeta is always near the top of the list. 
This restaurant was recommended to us by two people: Courtney's friends sister who studied abroad in Rome and one of my friends, Tyler, who had done the same.
(p.s. Tyler is an amazing photographer - check out his site here!)
As one of our last meals in Italy, we definitely took advantage of the carbs. We started with a sampler plate of bruschetta that came with 6 different toppings, each ordered a pizza to share with perfectly thin crust and just the right amount of cheese, and finished with the most heavenly dessert: a calzone stuffed with ricotta and chocolate that oozed out as you cut into it. I'm still dreaming about it today.
I forgot to mention a pitcher of wine, but that's implied when you're in Italy. 
Dar Poeta is a small restaurant that forces you to get to know your neighbors while sitting at tables with red and white checkered tablecloth and lines out the door. It's unassuming, cheap, and absolutely delicious. 
Then again, it's in Trastevere, so you wouldn't really expect anything less.
Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures of our meal progression - iPhones and being too engulfed in our pizzas are to blame!

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